Kim Amen

Seeking: WEA Vice President

My name is Kim Amen and I am running to be your next WEA Vice President.


I have spent the last 27 years in education and the last 14 years in Laramie County School District #1 as a teacher of gifted and talented students. During these 14 years I have been an active member in the Cheyenne Teacher’s Education Association (CTEA) and the WEA. I served as co-chair and then chair of the CTEA Government Relations Committee, lead the candidate interview teams for PACE endorsements, and represented members at both the WEA Delegate Assembly and at the NEA Representative Assembly.


I served as Southeast Region Representative to the WEA Board of Directors, and have served as WEA Treasurer for the past 5 years. In this position I have been able to work with the WEA leadership team to bring our budget from having to take $350,000 from our reserves to meet our expenses, to proposing a budget in 2020 that will not use any money from our reserve accounts.


I believe that the WEA is only as strong as our local associations and that we must work to provide support to ensure that our locals thrive. I believe we will accomplish these things by engaging our current members and organizing to grow our membership.


Together we can build a future where every single child regardless of their zip code has access to a great public education. Together we can build a future where our educators have the supports they need.


If elected as your Vice President, I will continue to fight for you, our students and our association.


I humbly ask for your vote for WEA Vice President.

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